How Pokémon Go could change the course of technology

Published: July 13, 2016
Category: News

Marketwatch quotes Todd Richmond in an article about Pokemon Go and how its popularity may lead to a rise in augment reality applications.
According to the story, Pokémon Go provides a needed example of how the digital and physical worlds might be able to coexist through mobile devices. While virtual reality requires a complete retreat from the surrounding physical world, augmented reality lives within it, potentially making it more attractive to a mainstream audience.
“Augmented reality is the bigger play because humans still get to touch, and still have a better connection with, their immediate real-time physical world,” said Todd Richmond, an IEEE member and director of advanced prototype development at University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies. “It is an easier transaction to process.”
“We’re in a period of novelty sells right now,” said Richmond. “Augmented reality will impact all verticals in all aspects of life—but right now virtual reality is the shiny object.”
Image Credit: CryZENx
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