Hologram Technology in Holocaust Museum Exhibit Immortalizes Survivors’ Stories

Published: November 2, 2017
Category: News

Illinois Holocaust Museum CEO Susan Abrams said the museum helped advance the project — New Dimensions in Testimony — a collaboration between the USC Shoah Foundation and the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.
“The survivors were filmed in a studio in L.A. of which there are only three in the world,” Abrams said. “The survivors were surrounded by over a hundred cameras.”
She called the technology “future-proof” meaning that one day the recordings may be able to be shown in a 360-degree venue as technology advances. But for now, survivor testimonies are expressed through a three-dimensional hologram that is as close to the real thing as technology gets, she said.
“It prepares us for the day when our survivors will not be here,” Abrams said. “Right now, the 60,000 students and educators who come through plus tens of thousands of general visitors have the incredible privilege to hear directly from a survivor.”
In addition to the holograms, the Take a Stand Center highlights 40 historical and contemporary “upstanders” who have fought against injustice and cruelty in various ways.
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