Global Behavior Change Through Virtual Reality

Published: November 9, 2016
Category: News

With Virtual Reality (VR) entering its golden age, new uses abound. VR now has the potential to help us internalise experiences that are not filtered through our own prejudices. And while VR continues to make its mark on entertainment, it has immense potential to allow people to experience something groundbreaking: “duality of presence” – being in two realities at once. This has an extraordinary capacity for encouraging greater empathy, understanding, compassion, and connection to the “real world.”
What makes VR possible? Sophisticated yet simple, intuitive technology and lifelike graphics that create seamless transitions from the real world to a virtual world. Not only does virtual reality have the capacity to make you feel, it has the power to make you know. By immersing yourself in a “real” experience, VR provides evidence from prime sources and acts as a truth-telling representation of the real world.
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