Gizmodo Gushes About Project BlueShark, ICT’s Futuristic Vision Developed with ONR – Verge Covers Too

Published: January 24, 2014
Category: News

Brian Barrett, managing editor of tech site Gizmodo, wrote about Project BlueShark, ICT’s Office of Naval Research (ONR)-sponsored research and development project that combines the physical with the virtual to create a vision for how we’ll work together in the future. Here’s a bit of what Barrett had to say:
“That’s right; not only does Uncle Sam have an Oculus Rift, he’s found maybe the most futuristic-fantasatic purpose for it yet. What you’re looking at is just a small slice of Project BlueShark, the Office of Naval Research’s exploration of how we’ll communicate a decade from now….Anyways, good job Navy! You’ve made the most futuristic toy we’ve got feel even more so.”
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The Verge ran a related story and quoted Mark Bolas, director of the MxR Lab.
According Bolas, VR is the place where the Navy can reach out and touch user interfaces which might not be practical to build this decade, let alone this year, because technologies like holographic displays and augmented reality windows don’t yet exist at scale. “But we can mock them all up in the head-mounted display,” said Bolas in the story. “The Navy’s really using it to figure out what the future sailor is going to expect in 15 years.”