Gizmodo Features ICT’s Fast Capture Avatar System for Turning People into Video Game Characters

Published: February 11, 2014
Category: News

A story and video on tech site Gizmodo gives a first look at ICT’s Fast Capture Avatar system that uses commodity hardware to turn people into video game characters. “We’ve all spent hours trying to make Madden football players who look like us, or WWE wrestlers, or even bobble-headed Miis that bear a passing resemblance,” writes reporter Brent Rose, who tested drove the system. “Now, instead of a tedious approximation, we can have the real thing.”
“For me, it changes what an avatar is,” said Ari Shapiro, who co-leads the ICT project with Evan Suma “You don’t have to spend time constructing an avatar anymore. If you think about how people change over time, you might capture an avatar every day. You might see how people evolve over time.”