Game Innovation Conference to Feature ICT Training Aid

Published: June 18, 2009
Category: News

ICT’s Distribution Management Cognitive Trainer (DMCT)prototype will be presented in a special session at the First International IEEE Consumer Electronics Society’s Games Innovation Conference, Aug 25 – 28, in London. The DMCT prototype application is a personal computer-based training aid that aims to enhance analysis, planning, and decision-making for United States Army logistical planners.
The DMCT supports reinforcing the understanding of the US Army distribution management process, and aids in the development of strategies for best exploiting the capabilities of logistics management systems, including the US Army’s Battle Command Sustainment Support System (BCS3) – the field-recognized logistics command and control tool. The Auto-Tutor provides detailed context-specific feedback which varies according to difficulty level, and the Post-Exercise Review (PXR) offers task-by-task analysis of the Soldier’s performance. The tool can be used in a standalone capacity or in a classroom setting.
The DMCT was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the US Army Product Manager for BCS3, the US Army Research Development and Engineering Command Simulation and Training Technology Center (RDECOM STTC), ICT, and the professional video gaming companies of Quicksilver Software Inc. and Stranger Entertainment.
This session include a range of presentations, tutorials and demonstrations on the following topics:
• Primer on Cognitive Task Analysis
• Live Software Demonstration
• Behind the Scenes
Visit the conference website.