Game Informer Covers MxR

Published: April 25, 2014
Category: News

Game Informer magazine featured the transformative virtual reality work of Mark Bolas, director of ICT’s MxR Lab and an associate professor in the Interactive Media Division at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.
“With the benefit of academia, Bolas’ lab has the opportunity to start with very expensive and powerful virtual reality solutions and slowly scale back in service of finding what Bolas calls “essential elements,” or what might otherwise be considered a minimum spec. Academia leads design of prototypes and eventually consumer models. For instance, lab testing determined a minimum field of view of 90-100 degrees, since applied in both the Rift and Morpheus,” stated the story.
The story states that the MxR Lab is pushing forward the field of virtual reality research. Palmer Luckey, developer of the Oculus Rift, worked for the MxR Lab for about a year, the story noted. The lab is developing a “virtual bridge” for the U.S. Navy that will allow personnel to interact with virtual displays and do work on more then one ship at a time, without actually being there. “I haven’t read a science fiction book yet, or seen a science-fiction movie about virtual reality that has come up with something I don’t believe could happen,” Bolas said.