Fast Company Covers ICT’s Virtual Reality Tools for Treatment and Training

Published: June 10, 2014
Category: News

An article in Fast Company featured Bravemind, ICT’s virtual reality exposure therapy system for treating post-traumatic stress. The article noted that ICT is working on virtual reality scenarios for soldiers injured by IED blasts, for combat medics with PTSD, and even soldiers with post-traumatic stress stemming from sexual assault.
Albert “Skip” Rizzo, ICT’s director of medical virtual reality, told Co.Exist that a big part of Bravemind’s future applications is giving therapists new options.
“This might not work for everybody, but works for some it works very well. The goal for PTSD treatment is to have a range of options. It certainly isn’t one size fits all,” he said.
The article also mentioned ICT Executive Director Randall W. Hill, Jr., and the recent Human Matters event, which was organized in partnership with ReD Associates and the Harvard Business Review to explore how a human-centered approach to business and technology can make for more meaningful experiences.
“Virtual environments are now advanced enough to serve as top-notch training tools, and they offer something especially important to sprawling organizations like the Defense Department: standardization. Virtual environments mean that there’s less risk of a bad instructor. They can also guarantee that troops get a better learning experience,” stated the story.
The article also stated that ICT projects are collaborations with Hollywood and the U.S military.