Dr. Leslie Saxon Comments on White House Cybersecurity Healthcare Announcement

Published: June 12, 2024
Category: News
Dr. Saxon at White House

The Biden-Harris Administration has launched a series of measures to bolster protections for Americans’ access to healthcare.

Recognizing that effective cybersecurity is critical to Americans accessing the care they need, the Biden-Harris Administration is working relentlessly to improve the resilience of the healthcare sector to cyberattacks. Many healthcare companies are private sector owned and operated, so private sector uptake and partnership is key to meaningful improvements in the sector’s ability to withstand attacks.

Leslie Saxon, M.D., Executive Director and Founder, Center for Body Computing; Professor of Medicine, Clinical Scholar, at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, was invited to participate in the White House’s Healthcare Cybersecurity Executive Forum, which brought together national healthcare and cyber officials with a select group of academic leaders and industry executives to help manage cybersecurity risk in the critical healthcare sector. Commenting on the outcome from this Forum, and the White House’s new announcement, Dr. Saxon noted:

“When I visited the White House in 2023, alongside Dr. Steve Shapiro, SVP, Health Affairs, USC Health, we were hosted by then and the first White House Cyber Director Chris Inglis. The office has been active under new leadership and released this important document to help protect the healthcare infrastructure that is under resourced and under attack. I see this as an important document to bring awareness and activity against the increasing number of costly and life-threatening attacks against the health sector infrastructure.”

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