Discovery Channel Magazine Features ICT’s Paul Debevec

Published: January 5, 2012
Category: News

An article on how animation technologies are bringing a new level of realism to movies, highlighted the work and expertise of Paul Debevec, ICT’s associate director of graphics research who heads the ICT Graphics Lab. The story noted that techniques Debevec developed were used to create the bullet-time shots in The Matrix and to bring characters to life in Avatar. The article also noted that Debevec and his colleagues were recongized with a 2010 Academy Award for their innovations. Debevec noted in the piece, that new technologies that allows most anything to appear “real” in film, create new challenges for film-making.
“In a world where anything is possible, you don’t have the same things forcing you to create a good film,” he noted. “That’s one of the biggest changes, and will require a
different kind of director.”
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