Discover Magazine Features ICT Virtual Characters Addressing PTSD and Depression

Published: December 6, 2012
Category: News

A story in the December issue of Discover magazine covers ICT’s SimCoach and SimSensei projects, which are both designed to leverage anonymous virtual human technologies to encourage soldiers, veterans and family members to seek care for mental health issues. “The intention here is not to replace traditional therapists,” said Skip Rizzo, ICT’s associate director for medical virtual reality. “We’re trying to break down barriers. Hopefully, once soldiers feel comfortable asking questions, they’ll feel more comfortable accessing help.”
The article states that SimCoach is being tested by several research teams at four groups of Veterans Administration hospitals and military bases and that over the next year SimSensei should be rolled out in kiosks at crowded military bases and VA hospitals, where soldiers and veterans now often have to wait in long lines for a counseling appointment.