Defense News Covers Video Games for Counter-IED Training, Including ICT Projects

Published: September 12, 2012
Category: News

A story in Defense News covered the use of video games for counter-IED training. ICT’s Todd Richmond was quoted in the story, which cited the statistic that IEDs have accounted for 111 U.S. “hostile fatalities” in Afghanistan in 2012.
“No matter where we go in the future, this is going to be the main threat that we have to deal with,” said Richmond, who leads the institute’s counter-IED training efforts, including the MCIT and DICE-T systems.
Richmond also noted that he expects counter-IED training to shift from larger training centers and even laptops down to the more mobile iPad and iPhone. The main challenge, he said, is converting and shaping the materials to fit on the smaller screens.
“You have to redesign the content for each of those,” Richmond said.
Photo: West Point Cadets going through MCIT, which includes a video game to assist troops in recognizing and reacting to IEDs. Credit: U.S. Army Public Affairs