Daily Mail, Defense Systems, Soldier Technology Magazine and Army.Mil Cover ICT Virtual Humans

Published: May 7, 2015
Category: News

Articles about ICT’s work creating virtual humans that are used throughout the Army ran in the Daily Mail, Defense Systems and Soldier Technology Magazine and on the Army’s homepage Army.mil.
The stories noted that ICT, an Army-sponsored university affiliated research center, has a body of research in creating virtual humans and related technologies that are focused on expanding the ways Soldiers can interact with computers, optimizing performance in the human dimension, and providing low-overhead, easily accessible and higher-fidelity training.
The mission of the Los Angeles-based institute is to conduct basic and applied research and create advanced immersive experiences that leverage research technologies and the art of entertainment and storytelling to simulate the human experience to benefit learning, education, health, human performance and knowledge.
Toward that goal, much effort focuses on how to build computers – virtual humans and also robots – that can interact with people in meaningful ways, including through natural language.
Current applied projects using ICT natural language research include the Virtual Standard Patient, or VSP, and Emergent Leader Immersive Training Environment.