Commander says stakes are high for Army research-and-development arm – ICT and Randy Hill in Inside Defense Article

Published: March 25, 2016
Category: News

An Inside Defense article covered how RDECOM is working to support the so-called “Third Offset Strategy” outlined by Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work, which emphasizes autonomous systems, robotics, and manned-unmanned teaming, and aims to “augment the human dimension.”  The article noted the opening of ARL West at ICT and quoted Gen John Warton.

It also states that one of Wharton’s allies in this work is Randall Hill, executive director of ICT. As Hill explained to Inside the Army, “we listen to what TRADOC says, we work closely with the Army Research Laboratory and [the] research community . . . and we listen to what those needs are; and we look out on the frontiers of where the science is and where it’s going, and what’s possible.”

ICT’s mission, he said, is “to do the research and development and the prototyping — advanced prototype development — for immersive technologies.” These can include such innovations as virtual reality headsets used for ground vehicle training, for example.
Hill described the concept of “cyber humanism,” which he said focuses on “amplifying human capabilities,” as closely aligned to DOD’s Third Offset strategy. The concept focuses on “reducing what we think of as the impedance between humans and machines,” making their interactions more intuitive. To that end, his team is working to “push the boundaries on virtual reality and augmented reality,” and is using artificial intelligence to craft “virtual humans” for use in training.