Boston Globe Features ICT’s Virtual Reality Therapy

Published: September 16, 2013
Category: News

An article in the Boston Globe covered the use and study of ICT’s virtual reality therapy for treating post-traumatic stress. The story noted the system is being used and at a number of sites, including  the Home Base Program, a Boston clinic for veterans and their families run by the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital.
“With virtual reality exposure therapy — seeing the desert sky, hearing familiar sounds, and even feeling the rumble of a blast in his seat — it is as if  the song comes on and, all of a sudden, you remember every single measure,” said an Army Sergeant treated on the system in Boston. “It all comes right back up.”
“The growing interest in virtual reality therapy reflects a quantum change happening in military thinking,” said Skip” Rizzo, associate director of the Institute for Creative Technologies, which is now developing a more advanced system depicting the two wars. “There is a shift away from the idea that a person who gets treatment is weak and toward the realization that treatment is a means for service members to keep their minds — not just their bodies — fit,” he said.