Synthetic Training Environment (STE)

2017 - Present
Project Leader: Andrew Gordon

The development of advanced simulation technologies for training is underway. Converging live, virtual and constructive experiences will enable units to achieve the highest levels of warfighting readiness and give valuable training time back to Units and their Soldiers.

The U.S. Army must train to win in a complex world that demands adaptive leaders and organizations that thrive in ambiguity and chaos. To meet this need, force 2025 and beyond, the Army’s comprehensive strategy to change and deliver land-power capabilities as a strategic instrument of the future joint force, requires a new training environment that is flexible, supports repetition, reduces overhead and is available at the point of need.

The Synthetic Training Environment (STE) will provide training to the point-of-need using the latest in immersive and mobile technologies. STE is a collective training environment that optimizes human performance within a multi-echelon mixed-reality environment. It provides immersive and intuitive capabilities to keep pace with a changing operational environment and enable Army training on joint combined arms operations. The STE moves the Army away from facility-based training, and instead, allows the Army to train at the point of need — whether at home-station, combat training centers or at deployed locations.

Leveraging current mixed reality technologies, STE blends virtual, augmented and physical realities, providing commanders and leaders at all levels with multiple options to guide effective training across active and dynamic mission complexities. STE will provide intuitive applications and services that enable embedded training with mission command workstations and select platforms.

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