Digital Interactive Victim Intake Simulator (DIVIS)

2019 - Present
Project Leaders: David Nelson, David Cobbins, and Alesia Gainer

In close cooperation with the United States Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Academy at Fort Leavenworth, ICT created the Digital Interactive Victim Intake Simulation (DIVIS), a standardized, simulated and interactive victim-intake interview practice experience. This interdisciplinary project leverages research from ICT’s Natural Language, Perception, Learning Sciences and Mixed-Reality teams.

This system enables Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) and Victim Advocate (VA) students to practice with a digital-based victim in realistic and highly emotional scenarios, similar to role-playing. This training application leverages existing research technology to help cultivate interpersonal communication skills, like rapport building and active listening, and sets out to improve upon classroom instruction by providing an engaging and interactive experience with a digital victim. SARC and VA trainees are able to use natural language to conduct an intake interview with a “Digital Victim”; the session is recorded, and a semi-autonomous After-Action Review provides logged playback of the student’s verbal and non-verbal actions for facilitator lead assessment.

The beta system, consisting of two Digital Victims is currently being used at Fort Leavenworth as part of their 6-week SARC training program. ICT has procured a sustainment contract to continue to maintain and improve upon the existing system.

Next Steps
Two additional Digital Victims will be added to the application by the end of FY23. In the mid-term, ICT will work with the Army SHARP Academy to support a path toward transitioning DIVIS as a training device for additional installations.

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