ICT at I/ITSEC 2022

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Visuals from the ARIN 561 game


ARIN-561, that’s the name of the star that would creep across the cosmos. A natural wonder, a layer of strange energy that would shroud the rogue star, interfering with any attempts to observe it, until now…

A human interacting with DIVIS virtual character


A US Army SHARP Academy training application for Sexual Assault Response Coordinators and Victim Advocates

Couple of DS2A characters in the frame


DS2A is a system using artificial intelligence and recorded videos that allows soldiers to converse intimately with sexual assault survivors. Two such systems – one featuring SPC Jarett Wright and another featuring SPC Samantha Downey

Personal Assistant for Life-Long Learning (PAL3) mobile app


Personal Assistant for Life-Long Learning (PAL3) is a mobile adaptive learning framework which intelligently delivers lesson recommendations based on a personalized learning roadmap

Recurrent Feature Alignment technology samples


Recurrent Feature Alignment (ReFA), an end-to-end neural network for the very rapid creation of production-grade face assets from multi-view images.