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Modeling & Simulation

Research Lead: Ryan McAlinden

The Modeling and Simulation Group creates immersive and informative experiences that help Warfighters and supporting elements improve performance.

With advanced prototypes such as Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training (CVIT) or DisasterSim, learners can hone life-saving skills wherever they are. With One World Terrain capabilities, military decision-makers can experience a seamless, realistic geospatial foundation when executing their training. Researchers are advancing these capabilities to support an authoritative representation of the planet that will be usable in next-generation military training systems.

The M&S Group employs researchers, domain experts, creative writers, and professional game designers in order to develop content that is as engaging as it is instructive. It has successfully transitioned a number of its advanced prototypes to the DoD, most recently with its rapid 3D terrain capture and reconstruction pipeline, which is a pillar of the Marine Corps’ Tactical Decision Kit (TDK).