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Body Computing

Research Lead: Leslie Saxon, MD

The Center for Body Computing (CBC) is a digital health research and innovation center focused on digital technology-driven health and human performance solutions for a modern age.  Our core expertise is in the use of biometric sensors within devices that are held in the hand, worn on the skin or implanted in the body, to optimize health conditions. The CBC has created a model for the future of health, performance, and chronic disease management that is not confined to a point visit between a subject and health provider.

We use clinical research to test, validate and develop technology to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to a broader population. The results are personalized and continuous health models, reimagined training techniques through evidence-based application of biometric data, and improved health information safety and efficacy. We also have active engagement with experts, programs, and policies that assure current and best-in-breed cybersecurity, data privacy, and ethics practices.

Work with us to see how together we can accelerate our mission to use technology to make healthcare more personal, affordable, and accessible for all.