Virtual Reality LA Summer Expo

August 29, 2015

2:35pm – The Art of Live Action VR, presented by IM360

How can VR be used to tell stories? What different types of narrative can be used by including the technology? What techniques can you use and what ones will the future bring? These questions and more will be addressed in a panel presented by IM360, who recently announced a new app TFF: Sinatra at 100. Featuring Andre McGovern of IM360, Sajid Sadi of Samsung Research America’s ‘Think Tank’ Team and Vrandom Zamel, founder and CEO of Springbol Entertainment. Moderator duty will be taken on by David Nelson of the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

4:25pm – Light Fields and Photoreal Virtual Actors for Virtual Reality

A talk by Paul Debevec Chief Visual Officer at ICT that will look at the essential components for engaging VR content: characters with realism and reactive viewpoints. Debevec will be looking into how technology being developed at ICT helps with these topics.