The downside of grit: Increased effort and failure to disengage when losing

February 26, 2015 | Long Beach, CA

Speaker: Gale Lucas
Host: the Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Poster Presentation:

Research Question
Are there some costs to being high in grit?

Despite benefits, researchers suggest there may be costs of grit, including performance (Duckworth & Eskreis-winkler, 2013).
Grit may predict effort when failing at tasks even if they are not relevant to long-term goals
Because gritty people might not want to give up on solving more difficult questions, to the detriment of answering simpler questions or completing the test, they might perform more poorly on the test than predicted from baseline
Gritter people might persist even when they would be risking a monetary loss to do so.
They might do so because they have more positive emotions and expectations for tasks.