Sudeep Gandhe, Nicolle Whitman, David Traum, Ron Artstein: “An Integrated Authoring Tool for Tactical Questioning Dialogue Systems”

July 12, 2009 | Pasadena, CA

Speaker: Sudeep Gandhe, Nicolle Whitman, David Traum, Ron Artstein
Host: 6th Workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems

We present an integrated authoring tool for rapid prototyping of dialogue systems for virtual humans taking part in tactical questioning simulations. The tool is aimed at helping domain experts who may have little or no knowledge of linguistics or computer science to build virtual characters that can play the role of the interviewee. Here we present the authoring tool and the underlying dialogue system which supports question answering dialogues with additional support for negotiations and other social behavior. Working in a top-down fashion our process begins with the domain specification. The authoring tool generates all relevant dialogue acts and allows authors to assign the language that will be used to refer to the domain elements. The authoring tool can be used to manipulate some aspects of the dialogue strategies employed by the virtual characters. It also supports re-using some of the authored content across different characters. We conclude with a preliminary evaluation of our tool.