Stacy Marsella, Jonathan Gratch: “Modeling Coping Behaviors in Virtual Humans: Don’t worry, be happy”

July 4, 2003 | Melbourne, Australia

Speaker: Stacy Marsella, Jonathan Gratch
Host: International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2003)

This article builds on insights into how humans cope with emotion to guide the design of virtual humans. Although coping is increasingly viewed in the psychological literature as having a central role in human adaptive behavior, it has been largely ignored in computational models of emotion. In this paper, we show how psychological research on the interplay between human emotion, cognition and coping behavior can serve as a central organizing principle for the behavior of human-like autonomous agents. We present a detailed domain-independent model of coping based on this framework that significantly extends our previous work. We argue that this perspective provides novel insights into realizing adaptive behavior.