Skip Rizzo: “Clinical Virtual Reality: A Brief Review of the Future”

March 3, 2011 | Auckland, New Zealand

Speaker: Skip Rizzo
Host: 2011 New Zealand Rehabilitation Association

This presentation will provide a brief overview of the many forms of Virtual Reality that have been applied across a diverse range of clinical disorders and research questions. I will then present a detailed overview of the use of VR for Exposure Therapy for anxiety disorders, addictive behaviors and with OIF/OEF military personnel with PTSD. This will be followed by overviews of research and clinical applications of VR for cognitive assessment/rehabilitation, motor rehabilitation, pain distraction and social interaction. The social interaction overview will conclude with the detailing of an emerging project area that involves the creation of artificially intelligent virtual human “patients” for clinical training. I will also bring a VR Headmounted display and demonstrate some virtual reality programs that can be run from an off-the-shelf laptop computer.