Sin-hwa Kang, Jonathan Gratch, Ning Wang, James H. Watt: “Agreeable people like agreeable virtual humans”

September 2, 2008 | Tokyo, Japan

Speaker: Sin-hwa Kang, Jonathan Gratch, Ning Wang, James H. Watt:
Host: Intelligent Virtual Agents 2008

This study explored associations between the five-factor personality traits of human subjects and their feelings of rapport when they interacted with virtual agent or real humans. The agent, the Rapport Agent, responded to real human speakers’ storytelling behavior, using contingent, but only nonverbal feedback. We further investigated how interactants’ personalities were related to the three components of rapport: positivity, attentiveness, and coordination. The results revealed that more agreeable people showed strong self-reported rapport and weak behavioral-measured rapport in the disfluency dimension with the Rapport Agent, while showing no significant associations between agreeableness and both peoples’ self-reported rapport and the disfluency dimension with real humans. The conclusions provide fundamental data to further develop the rapport theory that would contribute to evaluating and enhancing the interactional fidelity of an agent on the design of virtual humans for social skills training and therapy.