Rich DiNinni and Julia Kim: “Cognitive Cartography: Small Unit Readiness through Pre-deployment Priming of Mental Maps”

June 5, 2012 | Maneuver Center of Excellence, Ft. Benning, GA

Speaker: Rich DiNinni and Julia Kim
Host: Human Dimension Workshop

Abstract: Visual representations and story telling are the oldest traditions of remembering, recounting events, imparting lessons and projecting affect. These formats structure information in part-whole relations affording the listener or reader schematic frameworks to interpret past, present or future analogous events. Since all permutations of experiences in the deployed environment cannot be known a priori, proscribed intentional memorization of facts or scripted sequences are likely to be of limited value. Rather than methods directed toward specific content knowledge, a global method designed to prime cognitive structures through leveraging immersive technology is proposed. This paper will describe an ongoing project to develop “just-in-time” squad and small unit leader mission rehearsal tools for the purpose of 1) enabling better individual adjustment on the ground, 2) accelerating coordinated effort and team integration, and 3) increasing individual and unit resilience through enhancing unit cohesion.