Ramy Sadek: “Automatic Parallelism for Dataflow Graphs”

November 6, 2010 | San Francisco, CA

Speaker: Ramy Sadek
Host: Audio Engineering Society 129th Convention

This paper presents a novel algorithm to automate high-level parallelization from graph-based data structures representing data flow. This automatic optimization yields large performance improvements for multi-core machines running host-based applications. Results of these advances are shown through their incorporation into the audio processing engine Application Rendering Immersive Audio (ARIA) presented at AES 117. Although the ARIA system is the target framework, the contributions presented in this paper are generic and therefore applicable in a variety of software such as Pure Data and Max/MSP, game audio engines, non-linear editors and related systems. Additionally, the parallel execution paths extracted are shown to give effectively optimal cache performance, yielding significant speedup for such host-based applications.