Peter Khooshabeh and Jonathon Gratch: “Looking Real and Making Mistakes”

August 30, 2013 | Edinburgh, UK

Speaker: Peter Khooshabeh and Jonathon Gratch
Host: International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Humans

Abstract: What happens when a Virtual Human makes mistakes? In this study we investigate the impact of VHs’ conversational mistakes in the context of persuasion. The experiment also manipulated the level of photorealism of the VH. Users interacted with a VH that told persuasive information, and they were given the option to use the information to complete a problem-solving task. The VH occasionally made mistakes such as not responding, repeating the same answer, or giving irrelevant feedback. Results indicated that a VH is less persuasive when he or she makes \emph{conversational} mistakes. Individual differences also shed light on the cognitive processes of users who interacted with VH who made conversational errors. Participants with a low Need For Cognition are more effected by the conversational errors. VH photorealism or gender did not have significant effects on the persuasion measure. We discuss the implications of these results with regard to Human-Virtual Human interaction.