Paul Graham: “Measurement-Based Synthesis of Facial Microgeometry”

May 8, 2013 | Girona, Spain

Speaker: Paul Graham
Host: Eurographics 2013

Introduction: Current scanning techniques record facial mesostructure with submillimeter precision showing pores, wrinkles, and creases. However, surface roughness continues to shape specular reflection at the level of microstructure: micron scale structures. Here, we present an approach to increase the resolution of mesostructure-level facial scans using microstructure examples digitized about the face. We digitize the skin patches using polarized gradient illumination and 10 mm resolution macro photography, and observe point-source reflectance measurements to characterize the specular reflectance lobe at this smaller scale. We then perform constrained texture synthesis to create appropriate surface microstructure per facial region, blending the regions to cover the whole entire face. We show that renderings of microstructure-augmented facial models preserve the original scanned mesostructure and exhibit surface reflections which are qualitatively more consistent with real photographs.