Paul Debevec: “Rendering for an Interactive 360º Light Field Display”

April 9, 2008 | Laval, France

Speaker: Paul Debevec
Host: 10th Virtual Reality International Conference

Computer graphics have transformed many aspects of life. But while a great deal of imagery is modeled and rendered in 3D, almost all of it is shown on a 2D display such as a computer monitor, movie screen, or television. Researchers at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) along with their collaborators have devised a reproducible, low-cost 3D display system that requires no special glasses, and is viewable from all angles by multiple users. This system allows computer generated 3D objects to be seen in new ways, and will impact the future of interactive systems.

The Interactive 360 degree Light Field Display (3D Display) was demonstrated at Siggraph 2007, and won the award for “Best Emerging Technology.” Siggraph is the pre-eminent conference for computer graphics and interactive technologies, and the Emerging Technologies exhibit is in collaboration with the International Conference on Virtual Reality. The award brought with it an invitation to show the 3D Display technology at the 10th Virtual Reality International Conference in Laval, France.

The research team includes Paul Debevec and Andrew Jones from the ICT, Ian McDowall from Fakespace Labs, Inc., Hideshi Yamada from Sony Corporation and Mark Bolas from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Debevec is Associate Director for Graphics Research at the ICT, and is a pioneer in the field of realistic and innovative/interactive computer images.