Paul Debevec: “Realistic Acquisition of Facial Geometry, Reflectance, and Motion”

May 5, 2008 | Stuttgart, Germany

Speaker: Paul Debevec
Host: FMX/08: 13th International Conference on Animation, Games, Effects and Digital Media

This talk presents recent work in USC ICT’s graphics laboratory for acquiring and rendering realistic models of human faces, bodies, and performances. It overviews traditional image-based relighting techniques for matching the lighting on an actor’s performance to that of photographic background plates, and for creating 3D virtual actors using these techniques as seen in films such as “Spider Man 2” and “Superman Returns”. It describes initial work with our lab’s Light Stage 6 system to combine image-based relighting with free-viewpoint video to capture and render full-body performances. It also covers a newly developed 3D face scanning process that captures high-resolution skin detail by estimating surface orientations (normal maps) from the skin’s reflection of polarized spherical gradient illumination, and a new efficient skin rendering technique which uses independently measured surface normals for the specular and diffuse reflection components. It concludes with by presenting recent work to capture and synthesize high-resolution geometry and reflectance of real-time facial performances.