Paul Debevec: “Measurement-Based Synthesis of Facial Microgeometry”

October 26, 2012 | Bogota, Columbia

Speaker: Paul Debevec

Abstract: Current face scanning techniques provide submillimeter precision, recording facial mesostructure at the level of pores, wrinkles, and creases. Nonetheless, the effect of surface roughness continues to shape specular reflection at the level of microstructure — surface texture at the scale of microns. In this work, we present a texture synthesis approach to increase the resolution of mesostructure-level facial scans using surface microstructure digitized from skin samples about the face. We digitize the skin patches using macro photography and polarized spherical gradient illumination at approximately 10 micron precision, and we make point-source reflectance measurements to characterize the specular reflectance lobe at this smaller scale. We then employ a constrained texture synthesis algorithm to synthesize appropriate surface microstructure per-region, blending the regions to cover the whole entire face. We show that renderings made with microstructure-level facial models preserve the original scanned mesostructure and exhibit surface reflection which is significantly more consistent with real photographs.