Paul Debevec: “Advances in 3D Scanning, Surface Reflectance Measurement, Photoreal Digital Humans, and Glasses-free 3D displays”

November 12, 2013 | ARL

Speaker: Paul Debevec

Abstract: USC ICT’s Graphics Laboratory performs basic research in the areas of digitization, animation, and display of people, objects, and environments. In this presentation, I will present recent results from the USC ICT’s Graphics Laboratory for 3D scanning, appearance modeling, realistic virtual human characters, and hologram-like 3D displays. The main projects I will discuss are:

Digital Ira : Creating a Real-Time Photoreal Digital Actor
SIGGRAPH 2013 Realtime Live

Acquiring Reflectance and Shape from Continuous Spherical Harmonic Illumination
SIGGRAPH 2013 Technical Papers

An Autostereoscopic Projector Array Optimized for 3D Facial Display
SIGGRAPH 2013 Emerging Technologies