Thomas Parsons, James Reinebold: “Neuroscience and Simulation Interface for Adaptive Assessment in Serious Games”

November 3, 2011 | Orange, CA

Speaker: Thomas Parsons, James Reinebold
Host: IEEE International Games Innovation Conference

While advances in military relevant simulations provide potential for increasing assessment of Soldier readiness to Return-to-Duty (e.g., following a blast injury), little has been done to develop these simulations into adaptive virtual environments (AVE) for improved neurocognitive and psychophysiological assessment. Adaptive assessments offer the potential for dynamically adapting the difficulty level specific to the patient’s knowledge or ability. We present an iteration of the Virtual Reality Cognitive Performance Test (VRCPAT) that proffers a framework for adapting scenarios in the Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) game engine based upon the user’s neurocognitive and psychophysiological (e.g., heart rate, skin response, heart rate, and pupil diameter) states.