Meal Contributions

There are Federal regulations that restrict Federal employees from accepting gifts from outside sources. A gift includes meals – even if it is a “working lunch.” An exception to this rule would be modest refreshments, such as coffee, water, juice, bagels, etc. at a meeting, that are not part of a meal.

If you host or provide lunch at a meeting that includes Federal employees, please make sure you are collecting the amount spent for the meal (and budget accordingly not to exceed the current GSA meal per diem rates). For internal ICT hosting of meals, please inform the Federal employee beforehand and communicate the amount prior to the meal. When dining out with a Federal employee, please split the check and have them cover their own portion of the meal.

The current approved Government per diem rates are:
breakfast: $15, lunch: $16, and dinner: $28

For questions, please contact:

Employees’ Guide to the Standards of Conduct
FY 2016 Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) Breakdown

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