Mark Bolas, Logan Olson: “Design Approach for Multi-Touch Interfaces in Creative Production Environments”

June 20, 2010 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Speaker: Mark Bolas, Logan Olson
Host: Workshop of the ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems

Multi-touch gained a lot of interest in the last couple of years and the increased availability of multi-touch enabled hardware boosted its development. However, the current diversity of hardware, toolkits, and tools for creating multi- touch interfaces has its downsides: there is only little reusable material and no generally accepted body of knowledge when it comes to the development of multi- touch interfaces. This workshop seeks a consensus on methods, approaches, toolkits, and tools that aid in the engineering of multi-touch interfaces and transcend the differences in available platforms. The patterns mentioned in the title indicate that we are aiming to create a reusable body of knowledge.