Keynote Talk- Beyond Video Games: A Virtual Reality Revolution in Behavioral Health

March 23, 2016 | Laval, France

Speaker: Skip Rizzo
Host: Laval Virtual 2016 International Conferences and Exhibition on Virtual Technologies and Uses

Over the last 20 years, Virtual Reality has moved from being perceived as a “failed technology” to becoming touted as “the next big thing” in media consumption! While multiple forecasters predict that Entertainment (computer games, etc.) will garner the largest VR market share, many place VR healthcare right behind in 2nd place. Now that the technology has caught up with the vision, the established two decades of research on Clinical VR now stands poised to drive the availability of scientifically informed therapeutic consumer products. From VR systems designed to treat Phobias and PTSD to Virtual Human role play systems for teaching social and job interview skills to persons on the autism spectrum, VR will have a significant impact on the future of behavioral healthcare. The talk will touch on the history leading up to this point and where we are heading in the future!