Joel Jurik, Andrew Jones, Mark Bolas, Paul Debevec: “Prototyping a Light Field Display Involving Direct Observation of a Video Projector Array”

June 24, 2011 | Colorado Springs, CO

Speaker: Joel Jurik, Andrew Jones, Mark Bolas, Paul Debevec
Host: 8th IEEE International Workshop on Projector–Camera Systems (PROCAMS 2011)

We present a concept for a full-parallax light field display achieved by having users look directly into an array of video projectors. Each projector acts as one angularly varying pixel, so the display’s spatial resolution depends on the number of video projectors and the angular resolution depends on the pixel resolution of any one video projector. We prototype a horizontal-parallax-only arrangement by mechanically moving a single pico-projector to an array of positions, and use long-exposure photography to simulate video of a horizontal array. With this setup, we determine the minimal projector density required to produce a continuous image, and describe practical ways to achieve such density and to realize the resulting system. We finally show that if today’s pico-projectors become sufficiently inexpensive, immersive full-parallax displays with arbitrarily high spatial and angular resolution will become possible.