Joel Jurik and Paul Debevec: “Geometry-Corrected Light Field Rendering for Creating a Holographic Stereogram”

June 21, 2012 | Providence, RI

Speaker: Joel Jurik and Paul Debevec
Host: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)

We present a technique to record and process a light field of an object in order to produce a printed holographic stereogram. We use a geometry correction process to maximize the depth of field and depth-dependent surface detail even when the array of viewpoints comprising the light field is coarsely sampled with respect to the angular resolution of the printed hologram. We capture the light field data of an object with a digital still camera attached to a 2D translation stage, and generate hogels (holographic elements) for printing by reprojecting the light field onto a photogrammetrically recovered model of the object and querying the relevant rays to be produced by the hologram with respect to this geometry. This results in a significantly clearer image of detail at different depths in the printed holographic stereogram.