Jina Lee, Stacy Marsella, David Traum, Jonathan Gratch, Brent Lance: “The Rickel Gaze Model: A Window on the Mind of a Virtual Human”

September 17, 2007 | Paris, France

Speaker: Jina Lee, Stacy Marsella, David Traum, Jonathan Gratch, Brent Lance
Host: 7th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA 2007)

Gaze plays a large number of cognitive, communicative and affective roles in face-to-face human interaction. To build a believable virtual human, it is imperative to construct a gaze model that generates realistic gaze behaviors. However, it is not enough to merely imitate a person’s eye movements. The gaze behaviors should reflect the internal states of the virtual human and users should be able to derive them by observing the behaviors. In this paper, we present a gaze model driven by the cognitive operations; the model processes the virtual human’s reasoning, dialog management, and goals to generate behaviors that reflect the agent’s inner thoughts. It has been implemented in our virtual human system and operates in real-time. The gaze model introduced in this paper was originally designed and developed by Jeff Rickel but has since been extended by the authors.