Jacki Morie, John Galen Buckwalter: “AXLNet Mobile: Using a Mobile Device for Leadership Training”

December 5, 2010 | Orlando, FL

Speaker: Jacki Morie, John Galen Buckwalter
Host: The 27th Army Science Conference

The AXLNet Mobile project builds upon the web-based leadership classroom training application, AXLNet, originally created by ICT and ARI in 2006. We ported both the functionality and pedagogical approach of AXLNet to an Apple iPhone in 2008-2009, and tested the resulting application for usability with a population of 46 Captains and 1st Lieutenants at Ft. Leonard Wood. Initial findings indicate supplemental training on the mobile device is an acceptable and possibly more engaging delivery method for today�s troops. a particular theme and pedagogical goal. Although AXLNet has several of these modules available, as well as a powerful tool that allows educators to author new modules, recreating the entirety of this content and functionality was beyond the scope of our project. Instead, we focused on porting two of the modules, “Power Hungry” and “Tripwire,” to the mobile platform. In adapting these modules to mobile, we aimed to maintain the original content and pedagogical approach as