Hyeok-soo Kim, Jonathan Gratch: “A Planner-Independent Collaborative Planning Assistant”

August 19, 2004 | New York, NY

Speaker: Hyeok-soo Kim, Jonathan Gratch
Host: 3rd International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2004)

This article introduces a novel approach to the problem of collaborative planning. We present a method that takes classical one-shot planning techniques – that take a fixed set of goals, initial state, and a domain theory – and adapts them to support the incremental, hierarchical and exploratory nature of collaborative planning that occurs between human planners, and that multi-agent planning systems attempt to support. This approach is planner-independent – in that it could be applied to any classical planning technique – and recasts the problem of collaborative planning as a search through a space of possible inputs to a classical planning system. This article outlines the technique and describes its application to the Mission Rehearsal Exercise, a multi-agent training system.