H. Chad Lane: “Using Virtual Humans to Educate and Inspire”

December 6, 2012 | Hemet, CA

Speaker: H. Chad Lane
Host: Western Center Academy Charter School

Overview: I will begin by presenting several surprising findings from studies on the psychology of learning. Sometimes our self-perceptions and beliefs can interfere with our desire to learn, and so my hope is that you walk away being more curious about the hidden side of the thinking we do every day and how you can overcome these barriers. The research we do at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies ( focuses on how to use advanced technologies to teach. One of the key thrusts of our research is building artificially intelligent Virtual Humans who can speak, emote, listen, and participate in conversations. I will provide an overview of what it takes to build them and where I think virtual humans are going in the future. My hope is that you leave the talk wondering more about how you (yourself) learn, how technology helps (and hinders) you, and what kinds of things you might someday do with advanced technologies.