Graham Fyffe, XueMing Yu, Paul Debevec: “Single-Shot Photometric Stereo by Spectral Multiplexing”

April 8, 2011 | Pittsburgh, PA

Speaker: Graham Fyffe, XueMing Yu, Paul Debevec
Host: International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP 11)

We propose a novel method for single-shot photometric stereo by spectral multiplexing. The output of our method is a simultaneous per-pixel estimate of the surface normal and full-color reflectance. Our method is well suited to materials with varying color and texture, requires no time-varying illumination, and no high-speed cameras. Being a single-shot method, it may be applied to dynamic scenes without any need for optical flow. Our key contributions are a generalization of three-color photometric stereo to more than three color channels, and the design of a practical six-color-channel system using off-the-shelf parts.