Generative Models of Cultural Decision Making for Virtual Agents Based on User’s Reported Values

August 27, 2014 | Boston, MA

Speaker: Elnaz Nouri
Host: International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents 2014

Poster Presentation

Building computational models of cultural decision making
for virtual agents based on behavioral data is a challenge because nding
a reasonable mapping between the statistical data and the computational
model is a dicult task. This paper shows how the weights on a multi
attribute utility based decision making model can be set according to
the values held by people elicited through a survey. If survey data from
di erent cultures is available then this can be done to simulate cultural
decision making behavior. We used the survey data of two sets of players
from US and India playing the Dictator Game and the Ultimatum Game
on-line. Analyzing their reported values in the survey enabled us to set
up our model’s parameters based on their culture and simulate their behavior in the Ultimatum Game.