Evan Suma, David Krum, Mark Bolas: “Sharing Space in Mixed and Virtual Reality Environments Using a Low-Cost Depth Sensor”

March 19, 2011 | Singapore

Speaker: Evan Suma, David Krum, Mark Bolas
Host: International Symposium on Virtual Reality Innovations (ISVRI 2011)

We describe an approach for enabling people to share virtual space with a user that is fully immersed in a head-mounted display. By mounting a recently developed low-cost depth sensor to the user�s head, depth maps can be generated in real-time based on the user�s gaze direction, allowing us to create mixed reality experiences by merging real people and objects into the virtual environment. This enables verbal and nonverbal communication between users that would normally be isolated from one another. We present the implementation of the technique, then discuss the advantages and limitations of using commercially available depth sensing technology in immersive virtual reality applications.