Edward Haynes, Jacki Morie, Eric Chance: “I Want My Virtual Friends to be Life Size! Adapting Second Life to Multi-Screen Projected Environments”

July 25, 2010 | Los Angeles, CA

Speaker: Edward Haynes, Jacki Morie, Eric Chance
Host: SIGGRAPH 2010

Second Life (SL) is a popular 3D online virtual world designed for human interaction (also known as a MUVE, or multi-user virtual environment). It typically supports 60-70 thousand concurrent users. The assets and physical environments within SL are easy to create and use, and the environments themselves are very much part of the human interaction experience. However, the typical means of accessing SL is through a single computer screen, which lessens the immersion that is inherent in such a rich 3D world. Because of this, the SL virtual world is a good candidate for adaptation to large scale immersive displays such as a CAVETM or other multi projector systems. This paper describes a novel approach to using synchronized SL viewers to drive a large format multi-projector display system.