Kip Haynes, Eric Chance: “CaveSL: A Large Format Scalable Multi-display System for Social and Scientific Visualization in Second Life”

June 1, 2011 | Bergen, Norway

Speaker: Edward Haynes, Eric Chance
Host: 13th Annual IEEE EuroGraphics/Visualization (EuroVis) Conference

As virtual worlds have become more popular for education and socialization, many researchers have begun to utilize virtual worlds like Second Life as a novel method for viewing scientific data [Bor08]. However, the typical means of accessing SL is through a single computer screen, which lessens the immersion that is inherent in such a rich 3D world. Because of this, the SL virtual world is a good candidate for adaptation to large scale immersive displays such as a CAVE and other multi projector systems. CaveSL is a freely available modified SL Viewer we developed that allows researchers to utilize large format multi-display systems for social and scientific visualization.