David Traum at HCSNET Summerfest in Sydney, Australia

November 30, 2009 | University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Speaker: David Traum
Host: ARC Network on Human Communication Science

On the morning of November 30, ICT’s Dr. David Traum will give a presentation titled, “An Introduction to Dialog Systems.” This course will present an overview of some of the most popular approaches to dialogue system organization. Dr. Traum will briefly survey some prominent dialogue domains and systems to engage in dialogue within those domains. He will go over the different functional components of a dialogue system and some different approaches to provide that functionality. Finally, Dr. Traum will focus on the dialogue management component, and discuss different techniques for dialogue manager, including keyword, IR-inspired techniques, finite state systems, frame based, plan- and agent-based, and information-state based methods.

On Friday morning Dr. David Traum will share the latest on Spoken Dialogue Models for Virtual Humans.